Fresh Green Leaves in Oirase Stream | Towada, Aomori Japan

新緑が美しい奥入瀬渓流の風景 | 青森県十和田市

Fresh Green Leaves in Oirase Stream | Towada, Aomori Japan

This is a beautiful fresh green landscape of the Oirase stream, which is about 14 km from the east coast of Lake Towada in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, Tohoku Japan.
The Oirase Stream is a stream of the Oirase River that runs about 14 km northeast from Nenokuchi on the east coast of Lake Towada, and is a scenic spot belonging to Towada Hachimantai National Park.
Along with Lake Towada, it is well known as a tourist attraction in Aomori Prefecture.
You can feel the healing time felt by the five senses while listening to the sound of the waterfall flowing down the rock surface of the fused tuff and the babbling of the river, as well as the seasonal scenery rich in autumn colors and fresh greenery.
We live in an artificial environment. Let’s take the healing effect of forest therapy, which can relax the mind and body, away from the stress that humans continue to feel.

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