Hitome Senbonzakura and Funaoka Castle Ruins Park|Cherry Blossoms viewing spots in Miyagi Japan

桜名所百選 船岡城址公園

The famous cherry blossom spots in Shibata-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan , Funaoka Castle Ruins Park and Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura were also selected as the Top 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan.
Funaoka Castle Ruins Park and Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura are close to JR Funaoka Station and Ogawara Station, and are relatively famous for cherry blossoms viewing spots with relatively easy access to transportation.
In 2015, a barrier-free bridge was opened, allowing visitors to travel to and from two famous cherry blossom spots without having to cross roads or railroad tracks.

Funaoka Castle Ruins Park

Beautiful scenery of Funaoka Castle Ruins in Miyagi Prefecture
Funaoka Castle Ruins Park is known as a famous cherry blossom spot where more than 1,000 beautiful cherry blossoms such as Somei Yoshino and Sendai Yoshino bloom. Approximately 200,000 cherry blossom visitors come from inside and outside the prefecture.
During the Shibata Sakura Festival, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms throughout the day by operating a slope car to and from the top of Funaoka Heiwa Kannon and illuminating the cherry blossoms at night.

Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura

shiroishi river Cherry blossoms

Hitome Senbonzakura Night cherry blossoms light up

Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura 2014

This is a famous cherry blossom tree where more than 1200 cherry trees, mainly Yoshino cherry trees, bloom on the bank along the Shiroishi River.You can enjoy beautiful flowers with Mt. Zao in the background.
The cherry blossoms began about 100 years ago when Mr. Kaijiro Takayama, who came to Tokyo and became an industrialist, planted Yoshino cherry trees in this area.Now that it has become an old tree, you can enjoy the voluminous flowers that cover the banks.

Location: Funaoka Castle Ruins Park, Shibata town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan and Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura at Ogawara town Miyagi Prefecture Japan
Date: April 2014 / April 2016 / April 2019

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Funaoka Castle Ruins Park
Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura

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