Oga Nihonkai Fireworks 2013 Fantasy Museum | Oga Akita Pref. Japan

2013年 男鹿日本海花火「~空想美術館~」 | 秋田県男鹿市

Oga Nihonkai fireworks
Venue: OGA Marine Park in Oga-city, Akita Prefecture Tohoku Japan.
Date Schedule: August 14, 2013
Holding time: 19: 00-21: 00
Total number of fireworks launched: 10,000
Pyrotechnist: North Japan Fireworks Omagari Co., Ltd.

Oga Nihonkai Fireworks Closing show

Closing show of Namahage Star mine fireworks display with Encore Hanabi at Oga Nihonkai Hanabi 2013 in Akita Japan.
It is a theater type 400 meters Wide Star Mine display utilizing the topography of the OGA Marine Park, the venue of the Oga Nihonkai hanabi, to launch fireworks in a special form.
Namahage Starmine fireworks is the finale, but until the encore fireworks in response to the voices of visitors’ encore is the finale.
And Oga Nihonkai Hanabi is a gentle fireworks festival that everyone can enjoy.

Oga Nihonkai Fireworks Closing show 400meter full wide star mine fireworks display

400 meter Full Wide Star mine fireworks display~The last supper drawn by Leonardo da Vinci~ at Oga Nihonkai Hanabi 2013.It is 400 meters wide star mine fireworks synchronized with Time to Say Goodbye singing by vocal group Il Divo

Proposed fireworks at Oga Nihonkai Hanabi 2013
It is a surprise proposal moment that people in the fireworks venue blessed together.It is difficult to understand with this video, but the feeling of blessing everyone in the fireworks fair venue is very wonderful.
Congratulations on the marriage of the two people who started romance at Aomori Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture far distance.

Fireworks Symphony 2013 Bizet composition “L’Arlésienne”~Flame painter Van Gogh, sunflower blooming in Arles~
Fireworks Symphony 2013 Bizet composition “L’Arlésienne”~Flame painter Van Gogh, sunflower blooming in Arles~ at Oga Nihonkai Hanabi 2013 in Japan.
It is a synchro wide creative firework launched in accordance with L’Arlésienne is a suite composed by G. Bizet.
The impression of music and the production by fireworks matching the atmosphere were impressive.

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