Time lapse video Sendai city night view from SS30 | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

タイムラプス 住友生命ビル SS30から眺める仙台市街地の夜景

Timelapse of the night view of Sendai city area viewed from the observation floor of SS30 / Sumitomo Life Sendai Chuo Building at the west exit of JR Sendai Station in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
The 128-meter-high observation floor, which is elevated by a dedicated elevator that goes directly to the higher floors, offers panoramic views of Sendai city center.

A beautiful night view in Japan Sendai / Sumitomo Life Insurance Building SS30

The observation floor of SS30 has a slight reflection of glass due to the influence of indirect lighting, so measures need to be taken when shooting night views.
There was nothing in 2012, but now there seems to be some caution when using a tripod.

カメラ×旅ブログ Night view of Sendai city area seen from SS30 / Sumitomo Life Sendai Chuo Building | Sendai, Miyagi

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