Night View of Sendai City from Sendai Castle Ruins | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

仙台城跡(青葉城址)から眺める仙台市街地の美しい夜景 | 宮城県仙台市

Sendai Castle Ruins (Aoba Castle Ruins) in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.The observation deck of Honmaru ruins is a popular tourist attraction, also known as night view scenery and shooting spot.
At the Honmaru trail of Sendai Castle, there is a Honmaru Kaikan with Aoba castle material exhibition hall, a meal shop, a shop etc. There are statues of the Masamune Tower and the Sendai Castle viewing room (free) at the castle tower. After 18 o’clock the parking lot is free and the gate on one side is closed but it is supposed to be in.

Night View of Sendai City from Sendai Castle Ruins


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