Nezugaseki Corona convergence Prayer & Sea Safety Prayer Fireworks Festival 2021

2021年 鼠ヶ関コロナ退散祈願・海の安全祈願花火大会

Nezugaseki Corona convergence Prayer & Sea Safety Prayer Fireworks Festival 2021

This is a video of the Nezugaseki Corona convergence Prayer & Sea Safety Prayer Fireworks Festival held on July 24, 2021 in Nezugaseki, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan.
This year, which was held for the second time after the 2020 Nezugaseki Fireworks Festival, which was held for the first time in 20 years with the support of crowdfunding, was held with the support of local volunteers and the sponsorship of companies and individuals.
This year, it was held as a secret firework to pray for the convergence of the corona that is widespread all over the world and to pray for safety at sea.
It is expected that this year will be a lonely summer where you cannot see beautiful fireworks due to the cancellation of fireworks festivals all over Japan.
However, I was impressed by the surprise fireworks-like production that was held until 2010 at the Akakawa Fireworks Festival, which is the most famous in Japan.

0:00 Opening Hanabi
12 inch shell Firework Provided by local volunteers
12 inch shells Fireworks 5shots by Isogai Fireworks(Okazaki City, Aichi Pref.)
1. Mandala
2. Cosmo
3. double pistil kaleidoscope
4. Jewel of light
5. Quadruple pistil color change chrysanthemum
Music : SMILE~Like the cloudless sky~ / Keisuke Kuwata

2:43 Music Star Mine(pyromusical), collaboration of two companies
Ina kakoh Horiuchi Fireworks(iijima town, Nagano Pref.)
12 inch shells fireworks 19 shots
Andoh Fireworks(Sakata City Yamagata Pref.)
12 inch shells fireworks 5 shots
Music : Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? / RADWINPS

9:37 Encore Hanabi
Marugo – 12 inch shells 2 shots
Beniya Aoki Fireworks – 12 inch shells 2 shots
Music : Shirishi / Mr. Children

いいね ! しよう


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