New Concept Fireworks Collection in Omagari 2015 | Akita Pref. Japan

新作花火コレクションin大曲 2015 | 秋田県大仙市

New Concept Fireworks Collection in Omagari 2015 | Akita Pref. Japan
Venue: Omagari Family Ski Resort in Daisen City Akita Prefecture Tohoku Japan
Schedule date: March 21, 2015
Holding time: 18: 20 ~ 20: 15

New Fireworks Collection in Omagari 2015 FINALE HANABI
Finale fireworks from the new concept fireworks collection in Omagari 2015 held on March 21, 2015 in Daisen city, Akita prefecture Tohoku Japan. This year is also the year to celebrate the 10th birthday of Daisen city and the signing of Zama City Friendship Exchange City Agreement with Daisen City.
The fireworks of “Zamarin” which is the mascot character of Zama city and the fireworks to be launched in accordance with the Donpan-Bushi originated from the Nakasen area of Daisen city, Akita prefecture, and fun creative firework simulating local specialty and tourist attractions was held in the last of the new concept fireworks collection in Omagari.

Zamarin Hanabi
Donpan Bushi
Autumn foliage in Former Ikeda Family Garden
Kariwano no Otsunahiki (Kariwano Tug of War)
tonburi Hanabi
Karamatsu Shrine Hanabi
Naraoka yaki Hanabi
Little league baseball Hanabi
Omagari Fireworks

Large shells fireworks collection at New concept fireworks collection in Omagari 2015

Katoh Fireworks | Snow icicles
This is a fireworks expressing blinking blinks like snow with the appearance of the icicles reflected by light and shining. Please enjoy the snow scene that expresses with fireworks different from real icicles.

Kikuya Obata Fireworks | RESTART
It seems that it became this title as a result of thinking what kind of fireworks should be made by thinking that the time to engage in the fireworks production is reduced and it should not be as it is. This is one shot fireworks that you can see fireworks with different shapes twice.

Satoh Fireworks | The waxing and waning of the moon
This is a fireworks like a The waxing and waning of the moon. It seems that the moon which looks at this season is a fireworks made from the thought that feeling loneliness and sadness.

Wabiya | shinobi~shadow cloning technique~
Make a shadow on the fireworks that exploded once and in the second half the Shadows turn into plenty of figures.

Saiki Fireworks | Rainbow colored sun
The rainbow-colored sun is a concept to thank the existence of the sun. It seems that producing it with the aim of making fireworks that warm the hearts of those who gathered at this venue.


Large shells fireworks collection Part 2

Abe Fireworks Industry | Ore glow
It is a beautiful fireworks that expresses the radiance of natural ores such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies, aiming for a shape like a regular octahedron.

Hosoya Enterprises | Sparkle of flash flower~Spring Gospel
This is a fireworks like a picture of the sun and flowers wrote easily. The part of the petal is represented by alternating a kamuro with a long tail and a flickering blinking explosive. The center part of this incorporates parts that blink or sound.

Kanbe Fireworks Industry | Snow Fantasy
This is a firework that imaged snow and snowman made by fairy using blue and white gunpowder.

Ina Kakoh Horiuchi Fireworks | Fire of the heat haze ~ Paranormalism Drawn by the flame ~
It is shining like a jewel and expressing the color change like illuminations, it is a fireworks that imaged the situation that it strayed into the jewel case.

Hikariya Kubota Fireworks Factory | Jewel Illumination
It is shining like a jewel and expressing the color change like illuminations, it is a fireworks that imaged the situation that it strayed into the jewel case.

Fire Art Kanagawa | Canola blossoms yellow carpet
Fireworks like a Canola flower petal, a Canola flower including a stem, and a yellow carpet like a Canola blossoms finally are launched.

This is fireworks to support Omagari Industrial High School participated for the first time at the 87th High School Baseball Tournament.
Ths Fireworks song be Shinji Tanimura-Ima arite.

Large shells fireworks collection Part 3

Usui Fireworks | wavelet(Ripple of light)
This expresses the sparkle of a small wave that can be made on the water surface, and in the ripple of light it is producing a firework that imaged the pattern of triple ring.

Andoh Fireworks | Peony of the arabesque
This is express a charming fireworks by putting a pattern of peony flowers in the arabesque pattern.

Hibikiya | Irregular Stars~Week point to charm point~
The fireworks are inherently round and fire at the same time on the gunpowder, and then fireworks are said to be beautiful fireworks where they all disappear at the same time.

Kanda Fireworks Industry | Shrimp dance
This is because the picture of the shrimp festival’s poster which was held at the sushi restaurant was similar to the pattern of the fireworks, it seems to be a work that resembles it.

Wakino Art Factory | Flower party
This is a firework which imaged gorgeous flowers, consisting of Passion flower and sunflower etc. centering on kaleidoscope. The night of Omagari, which is the season for waiting for snow melting in March, has become a spring earlier.

Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks | Edo-style sushi
This is a fireworks set consisting of Japanese cuisine, sushi and beer.


Large shells fireworks collection PART4

Marugoh | Moving mobiles
It shows the appearance of the mobile being stopped and the movement blowing in the wind with fireworks.
Mobile is a product that hangs light materials such as paper and plastic with threads and bars. It is a popular product as part of the interior that makes a complicated movement when the wind blows or moves with the hand of a person.

Murase Fireworks | Invited by Hana akari(flower lights)
Hana Akari means that the surroundings of the cherry blossoms look vaguely bright with the whiteness of the cherry blossoms at night. It is a fireworks that expresses cherry blossoms with Size 4 shells and a cherry tree with Size 5 shells.

Katakai Fireworks Industry | Echigo’s tresure~The glow of five colors~
Although it is a similar color, combine parts that generate different phenomena into one firework.

Kakinoki Fireworks Industry | Hydrangea flower blooming here
Hydrangea changes to various colors such as blue emphasis or violet strong, depending on the composition of the soil. This fireworks is made by imagining the change in color that is characteristic of hydrangea.

Wakamatsu Fireworks Manufacturering | Master Donut Omagari Main Store
Strawberry and Green tea donuts and Tondeling, and this store’s original character “Tonde Lion” is represented with fireworks.

いいね ! しよう


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