LUSMO, a convenient automatic feeder that can feed pets automatically

自動でペットに餌やり可能、便利な自動給餌器 LUSMO

Introducing a video of LUSMO, an automatic feeder that automatically feeds pets such as cats and dogs.
We introduced videos as useful pet supplies before, but they were washed away by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake.This is a newly purchased second automatic feeder LUSMO.
It is a useful pet item for people who have little time to feed dogs and cats, and for owners who are concerned about straining their kidneys and bladder.

LUSMO, a convenient automatic feeder that can feed pets automatically
LUSMO is a pet food automatic feeder sold by Relenti Co., Ltd.
Originally a cat with weak kidneys, we needed to calm down urine PH by spacing between meals.
Despite the cordless specification that runs on four single batteries, food can be automatically emission up to three times a day for a set time.It is a very useful pet item for animal health management.

However, some commercially available pet foods are not compatible with LUSMO.
This is a problem that sometimes occurs with large bait, but be careful as the bait gets stuck inside the emission area.

【新モデル・日本製】ルスモ ペットフード・オートフィーダ アドバンス L-AF130 (ホワイト&フロスティーブルー) 自動給餌器 猫 犬

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