Beautiful Autumn leaves in Narukokyo Gorge| Osaki, Miyagi Japan

秋の東北観光・鳴子峡の紅葉 | 宮城県大崎市

This is the autumn scenery of the Tohoku region, the autumn leaves of Naruko-kyo Gorge (鳴子峡の紅葉), which is about 10 minutes by car from Naruko Onsenkyo in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
Naruko Gorge, located in the upper reaches of the Otani River, which runs along National Route 47 connecting Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture and Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture, is a V-shaped gorge formed by repeated erosion over many years due to the water flow of the river.
The 100-meter-high cliffs created by the nature of the Naruko area continue for about 2.5 km, and the trees colored in red and yellow create a beautiful autumn view.
In addition to the area around the rest house and on National Highway No. 47, there are also two walking paths, the Ofukasawa Promenade and the Naruko-kyo Gorge Promenade.
Here, you can see the scenery of deciduous broad-leaved trees such as maples, quercus crispula, and carpinus laxiflora up close.

Beautiful Autumn leaves in Narukokyo Gorge


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