Naruko Dam Rainbow Light Up 2022 | Osaki, Miyagi Japan

2022年 鳴子ダムすだれ放流レインボーライトアップ | 宮城県大崎市

This is a video recording the water discharge and illumination of the Naruko Dam in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, a popular sightseeing event held for a limited time during Golden Week.
It was a very enjoyable event with beautiful sounds of water flowing down from the top of the dam and colorful lighting while changing colors.
This dam is an arch-type concrete dam with a height of 94.5 meters located upstream of the Eai River in the Kitakami River basin, which is a first-class river, close to Naruko Onsenkyo and Naruko Gorge, which is famous for its autumn leaves.
When spring comes after the harsh winter in Tohoku, meltwater flows into Lake Arao.
The water flows down from the top of the dam like a bamboo blind, which is called “sudare discharge” and has been loved by many tourists and dam fans.
At night, there is also a light-up event that illuminates the dam with colorful and fantastic LED lights.
However, in 2022, the traffic on the national highway passing through the Naruko district became so popular that the event was canceled the day before the final day.

Naruko Dam Rainbow Light Up 2022 | Osaki, Miyagi Japan


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