Naruko Kawatabi Onsen Canola Flowers & Cherry Blossoms in Miyagi Japan

春の鳴子川渡温泉 菜の花と桜の風景 6K UHD 江合川に桜吹雪が舞う黄色い絨毯のような美しい菜の花畑

This is an video of the spring scenery of Kawatabi Onsen, located on the east side of Naruko Onsen in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and the riverbed of the Eai River where rape blossoms and cherry blossoms bloom.
The Osaki Naruko Onsen Canola Flower Festival is held every year.
However, since the number of people infected with coronavirus infection that will continue from the spring of 2020 will not decrease, it was decided to cancel the festival in 2022, and it will be a free viewing after taking measures to prevent infection.
In Japan this year, the temperature rose sharply after spring, so in Miyagi prefecture, the speed from flowering to falling was very fast, and it was not a collaboration between rape blossoms and cherry blossoms in full bloom.
However, I was able to enjoy the scenery of the rape field like a yellow carpet where the cherry blossoms blizzard danced.
Also, in the Yuzawa River, which flows through Kawatabi Onsenkyo and joins the Eai River, I enjoyed the scenery of cherry blossoms that bloomed to cover the slowly flowing river, although the flowers had begun to fall.
Kawatabi Onsen is said to have been open for more than 1000 years, and was a popular hot spring resort during the Edo period.
There are 12 hot spring inns and 1 communal bath, and it has long been known as Beriberi Kawatabi and is known as a hot spring that cures Beriberi.

Naruko Kawatabi Onsen Canola Flowers & Cherry Blossoms in Miyagi Japan

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