Narai-Juku(奈良井宿) | Walk the Histric Post town in Nagano Japan

奈良井宿 江戸時代の歴史と風景を残す中山道 木曽路十一宿の街並み | 長野県塩尻市

奈良井宿 江戸時代の歴史と風景を残す中山道 木曽路十一宿の街並み

Narai-juku(奈良井宿), which retains the scenery of the Edo period, is the 34th Syukuba(post station) on Nakasendo(中山道), located in Narai, Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture Japan.
Narai-juku is the longest post station in Japan that forms along the Narai River for about 1km.
This town is located second from the north of Kisoji 11-juku, out of 69 post stations along the 540km old road that connects Kyo and Edo(Current Tokyo and Kyoto Prefecture).
There is a history of preservation of the scenery of the cityscape full of Edo atmosphere. Around 1968, a conservation movement aimed at reconfirming, inheriting, and maintaining familiar historical assets was carried out ahead of others, and in 1978, it was selected as an important traditional buildings preservation district by the national government.
The activity was highly evaluated, and it was selected as one of the Japan Heritage~The Entire Kisoju in the Mountains~ certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as a story that tells the culture and traditions of Japan through the historical charm and characteristics of the region.

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