Nagano Ebisukou Fireworks Festival 2017 | Nagano, Nagano Japan

2017年 長野えびす講煙火大会 | 長野県長野市

Music Star mine by Shinsyu Fireworks

Music Star mine by Beniya Aoki Fireworks
Beautiful fireworks were launched in sync with George Winston’s Longing / Love, which is the theme song of JT Japan Tobacco’s CM “Japanese Moment Fireworks” starring the third president of Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd.

Opening Individual sponsorship grand Star Mine
This is a program in which local and national fireworks fans can personally invest, and fireworks will be launched according to the Nagano prefectural song “Shinano no Kuni”.

All Japan 12 inch shells new fireworks contest
1.Oguchi Fireworks
2.Saiki Fireworks
3.Hosoya Enterprise Co., Ltd.
4.Shinohara Fireworks
6.Niigata Fireworks
7.Sekijima Fireworks
8.Kanno Fireworks
9.Yamauchi Fireworks
10.Taiyodo Tamura Fireworks
11.Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
12.Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
13.Ina Kanoh Horiuchi Fireworks
14.Kikuya Obata Fireworks
15.Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks

Dancing Sister 12 inch Size8 Size 7 112shots
This is a program that has become a staple in recent years, with fireworks set off in sync with the nostalgic music of the 1980s.
In 2017, The Nolans / I’m In The Mood For Dancing was adopted.

Memorial Grand Star mine Fireworks
Fireworks were launched in synchronization with music related to the Nagano Olympics.

Special Thanks Size 8 shells 100shots Grand Wide Star mine
This program is given by the organizer to express gratitude to the fireworks viewers and sponsors, and the fireworks are launched in an overwhelmingly wide width so that you can see the fireworks anywhere around the venue.

This is a video of the Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival held on November 23, 2017 at Saikawa No. 2 Green Space in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture Japan. More than 10,000 magnificent fireworks will be launched, such as Music Star Mine, which is a collaboration of music and fireworks, and the All japan 12 inch shells New Fireworks Contest, in which fireworks artists selected from all over the country compete for the beauty of fireworks.

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