Nachigaoka, where you can overlook the night view of Sendai City | Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

宮城県名取市 那智が丘から眺める夜景

This is a night view spot of Natori city in Miyagi prefecture Japan, a night view of Sendai city area and Natori city area seen from the observation deck of Nachigaoka.
This is a residential area where the noise and poor manners of tourists are conspicuous, and measures have been taken to prevent vehicles other than residents from entering, but there is an observatory on the north side of the public hall and gymnasium.
You have to climb about 100 steps, but the night view you can see from here can be expected to be the most beautiful view in Miyagi prefecture.

Nachigaoka, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, where you can overlook the night view of Sendai City

The night view is especially good when the lights are not turned off by stores or businesses, but when parking on the street or talking is terrible, police seem to come soon.
Use public transport to enjoy a modest nightscape award.

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