Twinring Motegi Fireworks Festival 2013 Spring | Motegi Town Tochigi Prefecture Japan

2013年 ツインリンクもてぎ 花火の祭典・春

Challenge to theater-style fireworks without music!2013 Twin Ring Motegi Fireworks Festival-Spring.
This is the Spring of Twin Ring Motegi Fireworks, which is the 2013 Golden Week fireworks festival held at Twin Ring Motegi at the International Circuit.
With the theme of the essence of fireworks fascinating by artisans, the production was performed only with the original beauty and powerful sound of fireworks without using any music.

Twinring Motegi Fireworks Festival 2013 Spring All Programs
Part 1 opening “spring first number, a new step”
Part 2 “Spring Ephemeral”
Part 3 “Animal Crossing Funny Friends”
Part 4 “Blooming, a famous Japanese flower”
Part 5 Grand finale “Tsubasa”

Twinring Motegi Fireworks Festival 2013 Spring Closing Show
It is a wide star mine with Niagara that was completed in 2013 also as a PR for the Mega Zip Line Tsubasa.

2013 Twin Ring Motegi Firework Festival · Spring
Venue: Twin Ring Motegi in motegi town tochigi Prefecture kanto Japan.
Schedule date: May 3, 2013
Holding time: 19: 30 ~
Pyrotechnist: Kikuya Obata fireworks

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