Twinring Motegi Fireworks Festival 2014 Autumn | Tochigi Pref. Japan

2014年 ツインリンクもてぎ 花火の祭典・秋 | 栃木県茂木町

Venue:Twin Ring Motegi in Motegi Town Toshigi Prefecture kanto japan
Schedule date: September 14, 2014
Holding time: 18: 30 ~
pyrotechnist: Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd.

Scene and Black Swan Pas de Deux from ballet Lake Swan
Music Star mine fireworks(Pyromusical) “Scene and Black Swan Pas de Deux from ballet Lake Swan” at Twin ring Motegi Fireworks Festival・Autumn held in Japan on September 14, 2014. Twin Ring Motegi version of “Scenes · Black Birds Pas de deux ~ from ballet swan lake” exhibited by Nomura Fireworks Industry Co., Ltd. won the overall prize at Tsuchiura all japan Fireworks Competition in 2013 and won the Prime Minister’s Award And made a launch at Music Star Mine where music and fireworks are synchronized. This program was not only a way of matching with music, but the ghost shell of fireworks as if it expressed spin of ballet was too amazing, it was a Impressive fireworks.

Most beautiful 12 inch fireworks shells of “Meika no Utage”
Most beautiful 12 inch fireworks shells of “Meika no Utage”at Twin ring Motegi Fireworks Festival・Autumn 2014 in Japan.
This is a program to Announcement the best art fireworks in Japan one after another according to the music of Ma Dove Sei feat. Andrea Bocelli of David Garrett. It was a wonderful program that felt beauty in the fireworks of one shot up in the night sky.I feel that this is a beautiful Japanese fireworks boasting to the world.

いいね ! しよう


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