Autumn landscape of Miyagase Lakeside Park | Kiyokawa, Kanagawa Japan

宮ヶ瀬湖畔園地 秋の風景 | 神奈川県清川村

Miyagase Lakeside Park (秋の宮ヶ瀬湖畔園地)is a resort on the shores of Lake Miyagase Dam, which was built on the Nakatsugawa River that runs through the northern part of Kanagawa Prefecture Japan.
The artificial lake of Miyagase Dam, completed in 2000, is named Lake Miyagase and has a total area of 4.60 square kilometers.
Lake Miyagase is evaluated from the viewpoint of harmony of the surrounding landscape and historical value, and is selected as one of the 100 Selected Dam Lakes along with Lake Tanzawa in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Around the lake, there are spots with beautiful scenery and amusement facilities.
One of them, Miyagase Lakeside Park, has a garden path where you can take a walk while looking at the beautiful mountains and Lake Miyagase, and a large lawn open space, and pleasure boats and road trains are also in operation.
The view from the Mizunosato suspension Bridge, which is 315 meters long, is so beautiful that you can feel it as a spectacular view.
One of the highlights is that you can see the scenery of the four seasons such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves.

Autumn landscape of Miyagase Lakeside Park


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