Flower spots of Michinoku Lakeside Park Poppy Festival | Kawasaki town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan


This is a video of a poppy festival held at Michinoku Park, a national park in Kawasaki town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan. This park is the only national park in the Tohoku region that is known as a tourist attraction while being popular as Michinoku Park and Lakeside Park. Every year from late May, an event of 2 million red and pink colorful poppy flowers blooms mainly in the open space of the Sai and flower fields on the north side.

Michinoku Lakeside Park Poppy Festival A beautiful flower spot in Japan


Miyagi Prefecture Michinoku Forest Lakeside Park Poppy Festival
The Poppy Festival 2013, held from June 1 to June 23, 2013, boasted about 1.6 million poppy flowers along with various events.


Miyagi Prefecture Michinoku Lakeside Park Poppy Festival 2012
2012 will be held from June 2 to June 24. About 1.3 million poppy flowers were blooming mainly in the flower garden in the park.

There are large playground equipment and ball pools in the park, making it a barrier-free playground for families to enjoy with their children.

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