Magome-Juku(冬の馬籠宿) Walk the Edo Period Traditional Post Town in Gifu Japan

馬籠宿の町並み 中山道木曽路の冬の風景 江戸時代の記憶を残す宿場町

Walk the Edo Period Traditional Post Town of Magome-Juku in Gifu Japan
I took a walk in Magome-juku in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture Japan, which is the 43rd post town on Nakasendo and is located on the southernmost side of Kiso 11-shuku.
The beautiful cityscape with cobblestones that retains the memories of the Edo period and the snowy landscape that symbolizes the harsh winter were very beautiful.
Nakasendo is one of the five roads constructed during the Edo period.
There was a Tokaido that walked along the Pacific coast around the south connecting Nihonbashi in Edo and Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto(currently Tokyo and Kyoto Prefecture), but Nakasendo is a 540km highway that walks northward and inland.
The part that passes through the Kiso region is also called Kiso Kaido or Kisoji, and there are 11 post stations consisting of Kamishijuku, Nakasanjuku, and Shimoshijuku, which are collectively called Kiso 11juku.
Magome-juku is a post town on the southernmost side of Kisoji, and previously belonged to Yamaguchi-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture Japan.
However, due to the merger with other prefectures in February 2005, it was incorporated into Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture Japan, making it the only post town in Gifu Prefecture among the 11 Kiso inns located in Nagano Prefecture.
There were 69 houses in Magome-juku, including 1 Honjin, 1 Wakihonjin, and 18 inns.
However, due to the fires of 1895 (Meiji 28) and 1915 (Taisho 4), all the old townscapes were burned down except for the cobblestones, and the current appearance is a restored townscape.
In addition, the site of Honjin is the birthplace of Toson Shimazaki, who produced works such as The Broken Commandment(Hakai) and Wakanashu, and the Fujimura Memorial Hall, which displays about 6000 materials related to Toson, is currently being built.
This area is also known as a tourist attraction that represents Kiso Road along with Tsumago-juku, which is located in Nagiso-cho, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture, and is visited by many tourists including foreign tourists.

Magome-Juku(冬の馬籠宿) Walk the Edo Period Traditional Post Town in Gifu Japan

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