Total lunar eclipse & Eclipse on Uranus | November 8, 2022 Japan


The total lunar eclipse and Uranus eclipse observed on the night of November 8, 2022 (Japan time) were filmed and released as a 36-minute video.
It is not uncommon to see a planetary eclipse, but it is the first time in 442 years that a total lunar eclipse and a planetary eclipse can be seen at the same time.
The next total lunar eclipse and planetary eclipse that can be observed at the same time will be the Saturn eclipse expected in 2344, 322 years later.
I was not able to catch the start of the partial lunar eclipse this time.
However, after shooting with 6K RAW, which has a wide dynamic range, while changing the exposure, and after shooting through the total lunar eclipse to the end of the partial lunar eclipse, I uploaded the video trimmed to 4K Ultra HD size.

Total lunar eclipse & Eclipse on Uranus | November 8, 2022 Japan

0:00 partial lunar eclipse
10:08 Start of total lunar eclipse
16:14 Total lunar eclipse maximum
23:40 Uranus eclipse
35:44 End of partial lunar eclipse


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