Dress up your own personal computer with LED parts! Create a glowing personal computer!


Since there was excess material in the production of LED parts for cars, I tried dressing up my own personal computer as a glowing personal computer.
We made some scratches on transparent acrylic sticks, which are also used for optical fibers and Christmas trees, so that the entire acrylic stick shines with two LED bulbs.

Customize your own PC with LED flashy

Attention should be paid to the fact that even if the number of scratches is too large or too small, the light does not reach the whole and some parts are not lit.I think it started to glow relatively nicely.

Since 12V electricity flows to the power supply of the PC, any parts for automobiles can be used for the PC.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to parts that require large currents, depending on the capacity of the ATX power supply, which may cause forced shutdown or hardware trouble.

It is a part that was manufactured 10 years ago, but there are products that are currently illuminated as a whole, so if you use them, that may be recommended.

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  1. 自作パソコンのCPU Intel Core i7 920を定格から3.8GHZにオーバークロックしてみた。

    I overclocked my personal computer CPU Intel Core i7 920 from the rated to 3.8GHZ.

  2. 自作パソコンのオーバークロック

    I overclocked my own PC CPU Intel core i7 920 to 3717 MHz (3.7 GHz)!

  3. いすゞ大型トラックのエアサスペンション車高調整機能を使用してみた。

    I used the Isuzu heavy truck air suspension height adjustment function.

  4. 自作パソコン インテルのCPU Core i7 920を3.5GHzにオーバークロックしてみました。

    I overclocked my own personal computer Intel CPU Core i7 920 to 3.5GHz.

  5. 自作水冷PC ラジエーター用ステンレスボックスを製作

    Manufacture of stainless steel box for radiator of self-made water-cooled personal computer

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