Koiwai Farm Iwate Snow Festival 2015 | Iwate Pref. Japan

2015年 小岩井農場まきば園 いわて雪まつり 雪像ライトアップ | 岩手県雫石町

Iwate Snow Festival at Koiwai Farm in Shizukuishi Town Iwate Prefecture Tohoku Japan on February 2015. “Iwate Snow Festival” is held for the 48th time this year. This is a fun event that you can feel the snow of Shizukuishi which is also a heavy snowy area, such as a big Snow statue and a Snow slide which is also a familiar thing. In addition, Kamakura Jingisukan(Japanese mutton and vegetable dish) unique to Koiwai Farm can taste lamb meat, sweet and delicious vegetables and so on. In the evening, a large snow statue light up that illuminates the premises with colorful lighting and fantasy fireworks are done. This video is uploaded to Youtube after color grading using S-Log 2 gamma of Sony a7S.

Koiwai Farm Iwate Snow Festival 2014

Place: Shizukuishi town, Iwate Prefecture Tohoku Japan
Duration: January 31 to February 8,2015
Opening hours: 9: 00-21: 00

Sony A7S/α7S S-log2 to Film convert KD5213 Vis3
color grading the Video of the Iwate snow festival held at Koiwai Farm in 2015 with a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, Film Convert. When doing color grading, I think that it is also often done by applying Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve or the corresponding LUT. However, Film Convert is a convenient software that allows you to select the camera and settings you used for shooting from the presets and easily make it a cinema style movie. In this video, KD5213 Vis3 built in Film Convert’s preset was applied to the recorded taken with S-Log2/S-Gamut which is the picture profile of Sony a7S.

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