Lake Kinshu Fireworks Festival 2022 | Nishiwaga, Iwate Japan

2022年 錦秋湖湖水まつり花火大会 | 岩手県西和賀町

This is a video of the Kinshu Lake Water Festival Fireworks Festival held on May 28, 2022 at the shore of Lake Kinshu Lake in Nishiwaga Town, Waga District, Iwate Prefecture Japan.
At the Kinshuko Lake Festival, which is held as the eve of the Kahoku Shimpo Kinshuko Marathon, you can experience the lake by boat and in the evening, a performance of Yumoto Onikenbai will be held at the lakeside Kawajiri Koen.
In the night after that, the gorgeous fireworks display that decorate Lake Kinshu will be launched.
In 2022, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we did not hold a lake experience or a performance of Devil’s Sword Dance(Onikenbai), but only a fireworks display.
Although the fireworks launch was reduced, it was a wonderful fireworks display where you can enjoy the various productions and water fireworks of North Japan Fireworks Co., Ltd., who was in charge of the launch.

Lake Kinshu Fireworks Festival 2022 | Nishiwaga, Iwate Japan


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