Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival and night cherry blossoms lit up 2017 | Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

2017年 伊豆・河津桜まつり 夜桜ライトアップ | 静岡県河津町

The Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival and night cherry blossoms are lit up every year from early February to early March in Kawazu Town Shizuoka Prefecture Japan. The Kawazu Sakura Festival is an early spring festival held in a section 4.7km from the mouth of the Kawazu River, which is known as a famous place for Kawazu Sakura, which is an early blooming cherry tree. Here you can enjoy the scenery of the pink cherry blossoms in full bloom along the river embankment.
Since it is located near JR Kawazu Station, it has good transportation access, stalls are opened and events are held during the period, and night cherry blossoms are lit up in a fantastic way at night.

Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival and night cherry blossoms lit up 2017

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