Kanahebisui Shrine Wisteria & Peony Flowers Bloom | Iwanuma, Miyagi Japan

宮城県岩沼市 金蛇水神社 花まつり

Kanahebisui Shrine Wisteria & Peony Flowers Bloom

At Kanahebisui Shrine in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan, wisteria and peony flowers were in full bloom in early May 2021. Shortly after the flower festival was held, I was able to appreciate the scenery of beautiful flowers that color the early summer.
At the Flower Festival, one of the leading peony gardens in the Tohoku region, where large-flowered peony of about 100 types and 1,000 stocks are in bloom, will open. At the same time, the 300-year-old “kyuryu no fuji”, which is said to have been named because it is divided into nine branches from one stock, will entertain tourists who come to worship.
In addition, the opening of “Sando Terrace”, which was completed in 2nd year of Reiwa as a resting place for new worshipers at Kanahebisui Shrine, was postponed for one year due to the spread of coronavirus infection. This year, we took measures to prevent the spread of infection, and all facilities were grand-opened on April 15, 3rd year of Reiwa.

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