38th Kamioka Nangai Fireworks Festival 2017 | Daisen, Akita Japan

2017年 第38回 神岡南外花火大会 | 秋田県大仙市

This is a video of the 38th Kamioka Nangai Fireworks Festival held at Jinguji in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan on September 14, 2017.
The Kamioka Nangai Fireworks Festival is a fireworks festival held on September 14th every year, which is just after the all japan national fireworks competition, and about 7,000 beautiful fireworks are launched.

Super Grand Hanabi Fantasia Special
The Super Grand fireworks fantasia special, which is the finale of the Kamioka Nangai Fireworks Festival, was launched in line with Yoshiko Hanzaki’s “Sakura-To you who couldn’t graduate” with the theme of praising your irreplaceable life.

Super Grand Creation Fireworks Ebi & Kani
Omagari Fireworks The creative fireworks “Ebi & Kani” launched at the all japan National Fireworks competition was arranged into the Kamioka Nangai Fireworks Festival version.

Deluxe Star mine Fireworks

Jumbo Super Grand Creation Fireworks

2Super Jumbo Star mine Fireworks
It was also used as the theme song for the TBS TV drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”, and fireworks were launched to match “Koi” by Gen Hoshino, who became a hot topic in Koi dance.

Super Grand Star mine Fireworks
It is a magnificent star mine where fireworks are launched to match Mr. Children’s Hanabi, which was the theme song of the Fuji TV drama “Code Blue -Dr. Heli Emergency Lifesaving-“.


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