Snow Removal and ANA Boeing 787-8 JA819A take off from Akita Airport

秋田空港 除雪隊 雪戦隊なまはげと全日本空輸 ボーイング 787-8 JA819Aの離陸

It is a snow clearing scenery by Akita Airport Snow Removal Team Namahage that protects the safety of the plane arriving and departing from Akita Airport and All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA819A takes off from the runway where snow clearance has ended.
Before takeoff of an airliner, deicing that sprays glycol liquid on the airframe and drops snow, and anti-icing work to prevent snow from adhering again will be done.

Snow Removal and ANA Boeing 787-8 JA819A take off from Akita Airport

Airport&Runway:Akita Airport Japan.(AXT/RJSK) R/W28
Airline:All Nippon Airways(NH/ANA)
Aircraft:Boeing 787-8(Boeing 787-881)

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