White-fronted geese of fly all at once in Izunuma pond | Tome, Miyagi Japan

自然音 伊豆沼冬の風景 マガンのねぐら立ち 感動する瞬間 | 宮城県登米市

In Izunuma, which straddles Tome City and Kurihara City in Miyagi Prefecture Japan, which is one of the largest wintering grounds for wild birds in Japan, you can observe the flying of the Greater White-fronted Goose that covers the sunrise sky.
At the moment of sunrise, I was able to see small Greater white-fronted goose flew away all at once.
However, I was surprised and impressed at the moment when Greater white-fronted goose flew away all at once on a scale that covered the sunrise sky that suddenly came after that.
Izunuma is a swamp with an area of 369 hectares and an average depth of 0.76 meters in the northern part of Miyagi prefecture. The highlight here is the lotus that blooms to cover the surface of the water in the summer.
From late autumn to winter, it is widely known as a wintering ground where migratory birds that have moved south can rest their feathers, and about 100,000 wild birds such as white-fronted geese, mallards, and whooper swans visit Izunuma.
Among them, more than 80% of the white-fronted geese that fly to Japan are known to spend the winter in Izunuma. The Greater white-fronted goose that can be seen after sunrise make a humming sound and a cry on a scale that breaks through the tranquility.
In addition, the sounds produced by wild birds in Izunuma have been selected as one of the “100 Soundscapes of Japan to Keep” selected by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.
On the day of shooting, the temperature was about 10 degrees below freezing due to the influence of the cold wave.
However, the scenery where the white-fronted geese flew away all at once was a very moving moment.

White-fronted geese of fly all at once in Izunuma pond

0:00 Wild birds resting their feathers before sunrise
6:15 Greater white-fronted goose flew away with the sunrise
16:15 Large-scale flew away of the Greater White-fronted Goose
18:30 Swans resting their wings on frozen water
24:40 Wild birds gathering for food


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