Izunuma Lotus Flower Festival seen from a pleasure boat | Tome, Miyagi japan

東北地方の夏の風物詩!伊豆沼・内沼はすまつりの絶景 | 宮城県登米市

This is a video of the Izunuma and Uchinuma pond Lotus Festival(伊豆沼・内沼はすまつり), which are said to be the largest in Japan in terms of beauty and scale.
The Lotus festival is a flower festival held in Izunuma and Uchinuma, which straddles Tome City and Kurihara City in Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
Blooming lotus flower in the vast swamp one side of 387 hectares, which corresponds to 83 pieces of the Tokyo Dome, you can look at from the lake pleasure boat you are operating at any time.
In 2020, it was not possible to see the beautiful lotus flowers that covered the surface of the water due to the submergence caused by heavy rain.
However, in 2021, the sunny days continued after the end of the rainy season, so the flowers of Nelumbo nucifer were blooming on a scale that has never been seen in recent years.
The best time to see is from the end of July to the Obon festival in August, and you can see many flowers opening in the morning during the flowering period.

Izunuma Lotus Flower Festival seen from a pleasure boat


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