Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport | Osaka & Hyogo Japan

大阪伊丹空港 飛行機の離着陸映像 伊丹スカイパーク スカイランドHARADA 千里側堤防

This is a 20-minute airplane takeoff and landing video taken at Itami Sky Park, Skyland HARADA, and Senri River Embankment at Osaka Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport).
Of the three shooting spots, “Itami Sky Park” is located in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture Japan, and is a park 1.2 kilometers long and 80 meters wide, right next to Runway B. From the 7m high continuous hills of this park, you can see the powerful takeoff and landing of airplanes. Next to that, there is the Harada Treatment Plant Series 3 water treatment facility. On the rooftop of this facility, you can see the takeoff and landing of an airplane consisting of a lush lawn plaza, a murmuring plaza, and a multipurpose exercise plaza in a park of about 42,000 square meters.
The Senri River Embankment, which is popular with aviation fans, is also known as a sacred place for airplane photography, and you can watch the powerful takeoff and landing of airplanes passing directly above.

Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport

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  1. 仙台空港でエアドゥのボーイング737-500 JA305Kが離陸上昇中にバードストライク

    Bird Strike-AIR DO Boeing 737-500 JA305K after the Take off from Sendai Airport

  2. 仙台空港 台風一過の美しい夕焼けと飛行機の離着陸

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  3. ヴァージン・アトランティック航空のエアバスA340-300 G-VAIRが成田国際空港から離陸

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  5. ユナイテッド航空 ボーイング737-800 N25201が仙台空港から離陸

    United Airlines Boeing 737-800 N25201 Take off from Sendai Airport

  6. 仙台空港 東日本大震災後初の国際線 ハイフライ航空のエアバスA340-300 OY-KBM

    Sendai Airport First international flight after the Great East Japan Earthquake Hi Fly Airbus A340-300 OY-KBM

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