Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport(Itami)

飛行機離着陸 大阪伊丹空港 千里川土手 伊丹スカイパーク スカイランドHARADA

Airplane takeoff and landing scene at Osaka International Airport(Itami) shooting from Itami Sky Park, Skyland HARADA, and a night scene from the Senri River bank.
Please enjoy the video unique to Itami Airport, which is popular with aviation fans and you can watch arrivals and departures of airliners from anywhere around the airport.

Itami Sky Park
This park is located on the west side of the runway of Itami Airport, and you can see the plane from the side. As there are play equipments in park, it is popular with not only aviation fans but also families.

Skyland HARADA
A park of about 42,000 square meters on the roof of the Harada Water Treatment Facility, it features a good view that can overlook the runway of Osaka International Airport. From the nearby parking lot, you can see the moment when the plane touches down.

Senrigawa Banke
It is a famous spot for watching airplanes passing overhead, on the south side of the runway. You can also enjoy the beautiful night view of the runway at night.

Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport(Itami)

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