Plane Spotting at Osaka Itami Airport from Itami Skypark & Skyland HARADA | Hyogo & Osaka Japan

大阪伊丹空港 伊丹スカイパーク・スカイランドHARADAから眺める飛行機の離着陸


This is airplane takeoff and landing image viewed from Itami Sky Park and Skyland HARADA on the west side of Runway B of Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport), which stretches from Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture to Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture Japan.
Itami Sky Park is a park built along Runway B of Itami Airport, which has a length of 3000m. Part of the park was opened in 2006, and it was fully opened in 2008. The view from the park to the runway is very good, and it is a popular airplane viewing spot not only for children playing with playset and parents and children, but also for aviation fans and cameramen.
Located next to Itami Sky Park is a facility named “Skyland HARADA”, which is a park facility built on the roof of the Harada Treatment Plant in the Ina River basin sewerage system.
Since the distance from the rooftop here and its surroundings to the runway is very short, you can see the powerful landing and touchdown of passenger planes.
This video is a high-quality video shot from both Itami Sky Park and Skyland HARADA shooting spots, so I hope everyone will enjoy it.

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