Ishikishi Dontosai festival Fireworks show 2019 | Tome, Miyagi Japan

2019年 石越どんと祭と冬の花火大会 | 宮城県登米市

Ishikishi Dontosai festival Fireworks show 2019 | Tome, Miyagi Japan

From the Ishikoshi Dontosai Festival and winter fireworks held at Ishikoshi Sports Park in Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan on January 14, 2019, 31 consecutive Size 8 shells and the final star mine provided by Haga Fireworks Co., Ltd.
Dontosai Festival is a festival that prays for a year’s disease-free life and family safety by burning New Year’s decorations on January 14, the day before the small new year ‘ s day (january 15 ), mainly in Miyagi Prefecture, and approaching the sacred flame.
It is an annual event that is usually held at shrines, and is especially famous for visiting naked at Osaki Hachiman Shrine. However, at the Ishikoshima Dontosai Festival, a winter fireworks display will be held at the sports park where New Year’s decorations will be baked and prayer fireworks will be launched from 19:00 on the same day.
Although the festival will be held in a different way from other areas, about 1000 fireworks such as 12 inch shells and Size 8 shells fireworks, which are rarely seen in Miyagi prefecture, will be launched.

In this video, the last programs, Size 8 shells 31 shots, and the final star mine provided by Haga Fireworks Co., Ltd., which was in charge of launching this fireworks display, are recorded.

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