Beautiful Factory Night View of Niigata | Niigata City Niigata Japan

新潟東区の工場夜景 旭カーボン 北越コーポレーション | 新潟県新潟市

Higashi Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Japan, is a famous industrial landscape spot, and I filming the night view of the Hokuetsu Corporation Niigata Factory and Asahi Carbon Factory.
Higashi Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Japan, has long flourished as an industrial town.
Along the Tsuusen River, which flows through the city, there are many large and small factories that emit beautiful light.
Since the factory night view boom occurred, it has become a popular spot that the ward office and bus operators in the city organize tours.
It seems that there are regular tours even now, but this time I took a picture of the factory night view in Higashi-ku, Niigata City from a place where I could personally see it.

Beautiful Factory Night View of Niigata

0:00 Oyamadai Park (night view of Higashi Ward, Niigata City)
Oyamadai Park is a park located on a hill in Higashi Ward, Niigata City. From the observatory in the park, you can see the night view of factories centering on Hokuetsu Corporation, as well as the night view of the whole city.

1:03 Near Niigata Nissan Swing Square store (Hokuetsu Corporation)
From Niigata Prefectural Route 3 (former Japan National Route 7), you can see the night view of the factory of Hokuetsu Corporation.

1:43 JR Freight Yakezima Station
It is a stop station of JR Freight, which is derived from the name of Nakasu that once existed at the mouth of the Tsuusen River, and a dedicated line to Hokuetsu Corporation’s Niigata factory extends from the station.

2:36 Niigata GCC Co., Ltd.
Niigata GCC Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 through the merger of Imerys Minerals Japan Co., Ltd. and Hokuetsu Corporation.
This is a company that produces white pigments for the Niigata factory of Hokuetsu Corporation.

2:48 Near Tsuusen River Kamome Bridge (Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd.)
Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd., which is particularly famous among the factory night views in Niigata Prefecture, is a company that manufactures and sells carbon black belonging to the Bridgestone Group, and has a factory as large as Tokyo Dome.
From the vicinity of Tsuusen River Kamome Bridge, you can see the night view of the entire factory of Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd.


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