Honjo River festival Fireworks Show 2017 | Yurihonjo, Akita Japan

2017年 本荘川まつり花火大会 | 秋田県由利本荘市

This is a video of the Honjo River Festival Fireworks Festival held at Yusui Park in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture japan (on the riverbed in front of Boat Plaza Aquapal) on July 29, 2017.。Along with about 6000 fireworks such as Niagara fireworks with a total length of 150 m and Starmine fireworks display, Neyoshi River will also carry out a lantern flow that colors the river surface.

Niagara Deluxe Star Mine No.18~No.22
18.Size 3 shells wide 40 shots
The 30th Nenrin Pick Akita Held(North Japan Fireworks)

19.Special Star Mine Fireworks
Kendo and softball The hot platinum generation gathering here(North Japan Fireworks)

20.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
“Mai~re”Tradition of traditional folk performing arts in the city(North Japan Fireworks)

21.Big star mine fireworks
“Kadare”, a cultural hub with over 3 million people(North Japan Fireworks)

22.Niagara Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
View of Hyakka Ryoran on the river surface(Shunan kakoh Sato Fireworks)

Opening Star mine & Size 4 shells No.1~No.3
1.Opening Star mine Fireworks display
A festival of sound and light that colors the neyoshi River(Shunan kakoh Sato Fireworks)

2.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Promotion of healthy town development “Sports City Yurihonjo”(North Japan Fireworks)

3.Grand Star mine Fireworks
No. 1 in the Tohoku region’s best ranking in the countryside you want to live in!(North Japan Fireworks)

Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession Great Star mine No.4~No.7
4.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Relaxing wooden toys Wood Start Declaration City(North Japan Fireworks)

5.Deluxe Star mine Fireworks
Hanadate clean heights Chokai canola blossom fantasy(North Japan Fireworks)

6.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
“Connecting and expanding Sanada Maru” Children’s history exploration stamp rally(Shunan kakoh sato fireworks)

7.Great star mine Fireworks
Flower pattern that dyes the night sky(Shunan kakoh sato fireworks)

No.8~No.11 Lantern sink & Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
8.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Flowers returning to their hometown “Welcome back” Akita Chokai Gentiana(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

9.Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
Compete bloom of color to the clear stream(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

Special number. Lantern Sink(5000)

10.Size 3 shells wide 40 shots
Birth of “Mt. Chokai Tobishima Geopark”, a history museum of nature(North Japan Fireworks)

11.Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
The energy of the earth that nurtures life(North Japan Fireworks)

Message fireworks Size 4 shells 5 shots No.12
12.Message fireworks Size 4 shells 5 shots
My thoughts to deliver to you(North Japan Fireworks)

Big star mine & Size 4 shells No.13~No.17
13.Great Star mine fireworks
National Municipal Exchange Regatta Good luck Local Honjo Team(North Japan Fireworks)

14.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Precious heritage of folk culture “Honso Oiwake”(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

15.Great Star mine fireworks
The melody of flames played by nature(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

16.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Friendship Bonds Connected by Youth Visit to Vac City, Youth Visit Group(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

17.Great Star mine fireworks
Passionate flowers blooming in the night sky(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

Wide Star mine Deluxe Star mine No.23~No.29
23.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Leading agricultural products with the blessings of the earth and the sun “Asparagus”(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

24.Great Star mine fireworks
Sea, mountains, rivers … Large panoramic “Sanboen”(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

25.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
Great discovery from blue mold! Congratulations Dr. Akira Endo won the Canada Gairdner International Award(North Japan Fireworks)

26.Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
Good wife, wise mother image connected to the present age of Mitahime, who is related to the Sanada clan(North Japan Fireworks)

27.Wide Star mine fireworks
A feast of Saika singing the nature of Chokai(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

28.Size 4 shells firing in rapid succession
“Obako” is full of hospitality and charm Yuri Kogen Railway(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

29.Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
Symphony of light in a seaside castle town(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

Finale Wide Star Mine & Super Deluxe Star Mine
30.Super Deluxe Star Mine Fireworks
Dream flowerbed of delight in the starry sky(Shunan kako Satoh Fireworks)

31.Finale Wide star Mine fireworks
Nationwide transmission from Yurihonjo!~ The 140th Akita Prefectural Seedling Exchange Meeting to Open Up Tomorrow’s Agriculture ~(North Japan Fireworks)

いいね ! しよう


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