HA-420 Honda Jet World Tour in Sendai Airport Japan 2015

仙台空港 ホンダジェット ワールドツアー 展示飛行

This video is a Honda Jet World Tour which was held at Sendai Airport Japan on April 15, 2015. Honda Jet, a small business jet that has been developed by Honda Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., has held a HondaJet World Tour in 13 countries including Japan, before delivery to customers.
The design of this aircraft has adopted the flowing shape from the pointed toe to the heel like Salvatore Ferragamo high heels.
Conventional business jets are equipped with an engine at the rear of the airframe. However, in the case of Honda Jet, the two turbofan engines HF120 developed and manufactured by GE Honda Aero Engine Co., Ltd. are mounted on the upper surface of the wing to ensure cabin space and reduce noise.

HA-420 Honda Jet World Tour in Japan 2015

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