2021 Hitokabe Kotonoha Fireworks Festival | Oshu, Iwate Japan

2021年 人首言の葉花火の夕べ | 岩手県奥州市

This is a video of the Hitokabe Kotonoha fireworks evening(人首言の葉 花火の夕べ) held on October 2, 2021 in Esashi Yonesato, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture Japan.
Michiyo Shirai, a singer-songwriter who frequently visited the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and provided support through charity live performances, held a concert in the same area, which triggered the Hitokabe Kotonoha fireworks Evening.
In 2019, the first Hitokabe kotonoha fireworks evening was held, and it has continued to be held since then.
The fireworks were launched by Marugo Co., Ltd. in Yamanashi Prefecture, which has a track record of winning the Prime Minister’s Award at the 2007 Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition and winning the Huis Ten Bosch World Pyrotechnist Competition.
The following week, I am also involved in the fireworks launch of the Sanriku Fireworks Festival held in Rikuzentakata.
At this fireworks display, 232 fireworks were launched.
A message with the feelings of the local people In addition to fireworks and star mine, beautiful fireworks such as 12 inch shells fireworks, which explodes to a diameter of 300 meters, beautifully colored the night sky in the Yonesato area, which is celebrating autumn.

2021 Hitokabe Kotonoha Fireworks Festival

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