Sendai Pageant Of Starlight 2020 (Christmas Lights) | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

イルミネーション SENDAI 光のページェント 2020 | 宮城県仙台市

Sendai Pageant Of Starlight 2020 (Christmas Lights) | Sendai, Miyagi Japan

The Christmas Lights event of SENDAI Pageant of Starlight held on Jozenji-streat in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan, celebrated its 35th winter since the first event, and began in 2020 with the theme of Go for SMILE.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection that has continued since spring this year, the event was canceled or postponed to 2021 in various parts of Japan. But, it was implemented from December 18, 2020 by taking measures to prevent the spread of infection and decorating 600,000 light bulbs. The green belt on Jozenji-streat was a restricted area, but a pay system was introduced that allows a 450-meter section to pass only 100 groups a day. In addition, measures against coronavirus infection are being taken, which prohibits photography using a tripod. The paid system is a system that allows you to apply for the new coronavirus countermeasure cooperation fund from Ticket Pia etc. and enter at the specified time. This was a wonderful project where you could monopolize the beautiful illuminations in a place where there are few people. In 2020, it will be lit every day from December 18th, which is later than usual, to the 31st of the end of the year. From the beginning of the year until January 11, 2021, the illuminations will be lit only on Saturdays and Sundays, and the schedule will be different from the previous one.
This year, in the illumination category of the 8th Illuminations Awards, we were the only one in the Tohoku region to rank high.
The Sendai pageant of Starlight ranked 4th in Japan after Ashikaga Flower Park, Shonan Jewels, and Sapporo White Illumination.

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