Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport where a storm is blowing


In Miyagi prefecture, strong winds may blow from the west from winter to spring.On March 25, 2012, a strong west wind with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 27.8 meters blew in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan, and it was a very rough day throughout the day.
This is a video of an airplane taking off and landing at Sendai Airport, which was shot in such a situation that it was likely that the whole body would be skipped even when shooting with a tripod.
ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8275, ANA Wings Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 (dash 8) takeoff and ANA Boeing 767-300 JA8287 landing.

When shooting in bad weather, you need a high-performance tripod.In particular, if the head is a heavy video tripod, the burden on the legs is great, so once it starts tilting, it may fall down at once.
It was a day when I felt that I should buy a tripod that is heavy and resistant to twisting when shooting video.

Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport where a storm is blowing

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