Night Plane Spotting at Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) from observation decks

東京国際空港(羽田空港)国際線展望デッキからの美しい夜景と飛行機 | 東京都大田区

This is an video of the night view of the airport seen from the observation deck of the Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) International Terminal.
Of the domestic and international observation decks at Haneda Airport, the only international observation deck that is open 24 hours a day allows you to see aircraft from all over the world and aircraft heading abroad up close.
In addition, since you can watch the plane forever in a spacious space without worrying about time, you can see not only the sunrise and daytime views, but also the beautiful night view of Tokyo and the wonderful night view of the airport.

Night Plane Spotting at Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) from observation decks

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