Shinmei Fireworks Festival 2022 All Programs | Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Japan

全プログラム収録 2022年 第34回 神明の花火大会 | 山梨県市川三郷町

This is a video of the 34th Ichikawamisato Town Furusato Summer Festival Shinmei Fireworks Show held on August 7, 2022 in Ichikawamisato Town, Nishiyatsushiro District, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan.
Due to the influence of the coronavirus infection that has continued since the spring of 2020, the year before was canceled, and last year it was held at a reduced scale with no spectators.
However, this year, for the first time in three years, the event was held under the watchful eye of spectators and sponsors after taking measures to prevent infection.
The Shinmei Fireworks Festival is said to have started with the Ichikawa Fireworks Festival, which was one of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan during the Edo period.
Although the fireworks in Ichikawa declined for a while and were no longer held, it was revived as the Shinmei Fireworks Festival in 1989, and has become a popular fireworks festival that is visited by fireworks fans all over the country.
At the Shinmei Fireworks Festival, you can enjoy the launch of the 24 inch shells fireworks, which explode with a diameter of about 500 meters, fireworks competitions by fireworks manufacturers with factories in Yamanashi Prefecture, and extra-large star mines.
At the end of the event, the theme fire and grand finale, a pyro-musical that synchronizes music and fireworks produced by Marugo Co., Ltd. and Saiki Fireworks Co., Ltd., will be performed.
We couldn’t secure a good seat this year, so we had to watch from the edge of the paid seats, but we were able to enjoy with our own eyes the colorful and beautiful fireworks that were launched for the first time in about 3 years.

Shinmei Fireworks Festival 2022 All Programs

0:00 Opening Fireworks Show
2:02 24 inch shell Fireworks with Star mine Display
2:26 Star mine Display (3 Place)
3:21 12 inch shells Fireworks (2 place 10 shots)
5:55 Grand Star mine Display
7:57 Grand Star mine Display with set fireworks
9:53 Super Grand Star mine Display with 24 inch shell Fireworks
12:42 Fireworks Contest-When the cluster amaryllis blooms
15:07 Fireworks Contest-The world of three primary colors of light drawn in the night sky
17:40 Fireworks Contest-Rush to the future!!
19:52 Fireworks Contest-Offering Flowers – Wishing for World Peace –
22:07 Fireworks Contest-Thank You
24:40 Grand Star mine Display With Set Fireworks
26:53 Grand Star mine Display
28:39 24 inch shell fireworks
29:06 Grand Star mine Display
30:53 Grand Star mine Display
32:24 Message Fireworks
39:22 Grand Star mine Display
41:02 Grand Star mine Display
42:22 Big Shells consecutive shots Star mine Display
44:05 Grand Star mine Display
45:38 Grand Star mine Display
47:36 Grand Star mine Display
49:21 Super Grand Star mine Display
50:53 Theme Fire “Shinmei Fireworks x SDGs” ~Aiming for a Sustainable Fireworks Festival~(Pyromusical)
57:12 24 inch shell Fireworks With Star mine Display
58:22 Shinmei Fireworks Grand Finale(Pyromusical)


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