Hadakamairi for the donto festival held at Takekoma Shrine | Iwanuma, Miyagi Japan

日本三大稲荷 竹駒神社 松焚祭(どんと祭)の裸参り | 宮城県岩沼市

This is a Hadakamairi for the donto festival held at Takekoma Shrine in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.In Miyagi Prefecture, a festival is held on January 14 every year as a traditional event for the New Year.
In other areas, it is a festival called Sagicho or Donto-yaki, and it is a festival in which new year decorations and talismans are fired to pray for one year of no illness, safety at home, and thriving business.
At the Donto-sai of Takekoma Shrine, there is also a naked wandering, which is said to be the beginning of the sake brewery who goes into the ceremony during the severe cold to pray for Ginjo safety prayer.
At the donto festival, anything that is not related to the festival, such as stuffed animals, photographs, kagami mochi, wallets, new year’s postcards, etc., cannot be burned at all.
Please note that only the gifts and New Year decorations at shrines that are related to Shinto rituals can be burned.

Takekoma Jinja Shrine Donto sai Festival
Venue: Takekoma Jinja Shrine in Iwanuma City Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku Japan.
Schedule date: January 14, 2012
Holding time: 16:00 ~ (fire type)

Hadakamairi for the donto festival held at Takekoma Shrine

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