Goshikinuma Lakes to Enjoy the Mysterious View of Urabandai | Kitashiobara Village, Fukushima Prefecture Japan

裏磐梯の神秘的な絶景を楽しめる 五色沼湖沼群 | 福島県北塩原村

This is the scenery of Goshikinuma Lakes, a famous tourist attraction in Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture Japan.
Goshikinuma is a general term for many lakes and marshes such as Bishamon Swamp, Akanuma, Midoruma Marsh, Tatsunuma, Benten Swamp, Ruri Marsh, Aonuma Marsh, and Yaginuma Marsh. It is named because of its colorful and varied colors.
Emerald green, cobalt blue, turquoise blue, emerald blue, pastel blue, etc. are called mysterious lakes because their appearance differs depending on the weather, season, viewing angle and volcanic substances contained in the water.

Goshikinuma Cobalt Blue is a mysterious view of Fukushima
Of the approximately 30 lakes and marshes formed by Goshiki-numa, the natural scenic path for sightseeing is maintained in a section of about 3.6 km from Bishamon-numa to Yanagi-numa.
From the Hibara Lake side, you can go around nine lakes in the order of Yanaginuma → Haganuma → Aonuma → Rurinuma → Bentennuma → Tatsunuma → Midorumanum → Akanuma → Bishamonnum in about 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.It is a relatively flat hiking course.

You may find it difficult to go back and forth on this long promenade. However, the Goshikinuma Nature Exploration Road, which has entrances at both the Urabandai Product Center on the Hibara Lake side and the Urabandai Visitor Center on the opposite side, has a parking lot and a bus stop on either side.
You can walk on one way and return to the starting point using a local bus.

Beautiful autumn scenery in Goshikinuma Tohoku Fukushima Prefecture
It is a picture of autumn leaves and Goshikinuma taken in late October 2014. The weather was good, and the autumn leaves near Bishamon Marsh were at their best.
When we entered the nature exploration path, we felt that we had already finished the best time to see, so it seems good to go from mid-October to late October.

Location: Urabandai Goshikinuma Lakes and Marshes in Kitashiobara Village, Fukushima Prefecture Japan
Date: August 2012 / October 2014

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