Fantastic lakes and marshes of Goshikinuma | Shiobara, Fukushima Japan

幻想的な色彩が美しい五色沼の風景 | 福島県北塩原村

Goshikinuma pond in Kitashiobara Village, Fukushima Prefecture Japan, is located in the area called Urabandai, which is located at the northern foot of Mt. Bandai, one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.
This swamp is a tourist attraction with a mysteriously beautiful colored lake surface such as emerald green, cobalt blue or pastel blue.
Formally called the Goshikinuma lakes and marshes, it is composed of about 30 lakes and marshes.
The promenade prepared for sightseeing is set up on a route that goes around nine lakes and marshes, and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to walk around the 3.6 km section.
It is also called a “Fantastic lake” because it has a beautiful landscape that changes to a colorful water color due to the influence of plants and algae in the water, as well as the volcanic substances contained in the weather and the inflowing water.
The autumn leaves are very beautiful, and you can enjoy the contrast between the trees dyed in red and yellow and the surface of the lake that gives off fantastic colors.

Fantastic lakes and marshes of Goshikinuma

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