Goishi Coast | Nature Scenic Spots in Ofunato, Iwate Japan

残したい日本の音風景100選 末崎半島 碁石海岸の風景 | 岩手県大船渡市

This is a video of Goishi Beach, a tourist attraction in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture Japan, where the beautiful cobalt blue sea and the scenery created by the ria coast are beautiful.
Goishi Beach is a coastline located about 6km from the tip of the Massaki Peninsula, which protrudes to the south of Ofunato Bay in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture.
This is a scenic spot that can be counted as one of the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park and Sanriku Geopark, which stretches from the southern part of Aomori Prefecture to the Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi Prefecture.
This scenic area is also called “Goishi Hakkei” because it has been repeatedly weathered and eroded over many years, and you can see different spectacular scenery such as steep rocky areas and beaches that make beautiful sounds.

Goishi Coast | Nature Scenic Spots in Iwate Japan

0:00 Goishi Beach / Ebisu Beach
The black ball gravel polished by the rough waves on the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region looks like Goishi, so it has come to be called Goishihama, and it makes a pleasant sound every time the waves rush.

1:57 Goishi Cape Observatory
The Goishi Cape Observatory, which is located at the tip of the Massaki Peninsula and protrudes from Goishi Cape, is a tourist spot with a 360-degree panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

3:35 Goishizaki Lighthouse
Goishizaki Lighthouse is a small white lighthouse with a height of 10.5m, which was installed at Cape Goishi in 1958.
When combined with the altitude of Cape Goishi, the height of the lights is 36.3m above sea level, and the position is notified by light to vessels sailing from the Sanriku coast to the offshore about 23km.
This lighthouse is also certified as a lighthouse project in love run by the Japan Romanticist Association and The Nippon Foundation.

4:22 Kaminari-Iwa(Thunder Rock)/Ranbouya
1Kaminari-Iwa is a scenic spot named because it made a thunder-like sound when waves hit a sea cave formed on a steep 30m cliff.
This is also selected as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan to Keep by the Ministry of the Environment.

Goishi Beach has a promenade that passes through the pine forest, centering on the Goishi Kaigan Large Parking Lot where the Goishi Kaigan Information Center is located.
Anyone can easily enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the sound of the waves, which has been selected as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan to preserve.
Anatoshi Iso, which is one of the highlights along with Kaminari-Iwa and Ranbouya, is located about 5 minutes by car from the Goishi Beach parking lot.

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