Night View of Ginzan Onsen Hot spring Town in Winter

銀山温泉の夜景 大正浪漫の湯の街・冬編 | 山形県尾花沢市

Night View of Ginzan Onsen Hot spring Town in Winter

Ginzan Onsen, located in Obanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan, is a hot spring town with a beautiful landscape of wooden multi-story inns from the Taisho era to the early Showa period. It has been a secret hot spring for a long time because it is located in the mountains about 10km from the Oshu Kaido, but it has become recognized nationwide as it became the setting for the NHK TV series “Oshin”. Also, in recent years, when rumors spread that it became a model for the “Aburaya(Sentō)” that appeared in the animated movie “Spirited Away” produced by Studio Ghibli, tourists from all over the country came again. Furthermore, with the hit of the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” set in the Taisho era, the popularity of Ginzan Onsen continues to this day. A day-trip parking lot is available so that not only guests but also day-trip tourists can visit. However, during the winter, due to the blockade due to snowfall, you will be heading to the hot spring town by bus or on foot from the Taisho Roman Hall. Ginzan Onsen is known for its beautiful night view, but it became famous among photographers that the night with white snow was especially fantastic, and many photographers visited this day as well.

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