Tsunami damage the Great East Japan Earthquake Gamo, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

2011年3月11日 宮城県仙台市宮城野区蒲生 東日本大震災発生後の津波被害

Previously, I lived in Gamo, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan, but suffered the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.
As a matter of experience, if the scale of the damage is unexpected, the evacuation manual and evacuation route will no longer be absolutely safe.And I feel it is important to check and prepare for multiple evacuation routes in advance.

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011
The video was taken at 15:37 on March 11, 2011, but I heard later that it was just before the tsunami arrived.I was not hit by the tsunami in this evacuation.

Gamo district, Sendai city, was damaged by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake
In the Gamo area, two days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, rubble on the road on the embankment where we evacuated, and even submerged vehicles were left behind.
Residential and industrial areas were completely submerged due to the tsunami of over 7 meters in the Gamo area and around Sendai Port.

3.11 Damage to the Gamo area due to the massive tsunami and fire caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
It is a residential area in the Gamo district affected by the tsunami.
This is where I lived, but when I saw the damage caused by the tsunami, it was more than I had imagined.
In addition to the damage caused by the tsunami, fires have also occurred here, and fires are occurring on the second floor rather than on the first floor where water was not drained all night.

In the Gamo district, 151 people died in the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
I pray for the deceased people.

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