Fukushima Japan Best Weeping cherry tree spots

福島県の枝垂桜の名所 三春滝桜 合戦場のしだれ桜 中島の地蔵桜 祭田のサクラ

From Nihonmatsu City, which is located on the south side of Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture Japan, to Koriyama City, there are many famous spots for weeping cherry blossoms.
Among them, I visited four cherry blossom spots that represent Miharu Takizakura, which is one of the three major cherry blossoms in Japan.

Kassenjo no Shidare-Zakura(Weeping cherry tree on the battlefield)
This tree is two weeping cherry trees that stand in the battlefield between Taro Yawata Yoshiie and Sadatō Abe and Munetō brothers.
The age of this cherry tree is estimated to be about 200 years.
It is the grandson of Miharu Taki Sakura, one of the three major cherry blossoms in Japan, and it looks like two weeping cherry trees are one tree, and it is designated as a natural monument in Nihonmatsu City.

Matsurida no Sakura
This cherry tree is an estimated 800-year-old Edohigan giant tree.
It is named Matsurida Sakura because it is located in the Matsurida district of Nihonmatsu City, and this tree is located on the residential premises of those who live in this area.
Some of the branches are withered, but there are still some branches that bloom vigorously, and the highlight is the branching that spreads widely horizontally.

nakajima no Jizo Sakura
It is an estimated 150-year-old weeping cherry tree with beautiful branches that spread horizontally, and since this cherry blossom spot was developed by volunteers in this area, many tourists are now visiting.
On days with good visibility, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with Mt. Adatara, a famous peak in Fukushima prefecture Japan, in the background.

Miharu taki Zakura
Miharu Takizakura is an Edohigan-type weeping cherry tree that is over 1000 years old, and has been selected as one of the three major cherry blossoms in Japan along with Jindai Zakura in Yamanashi Prefecture Japan and Usuzumi Sakura in Gifu Prefecture japan.
It is located in Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, and is said to have been given this name because it blooms like a waterfall with light red flowers flowing down from branches spread in all directions.

6K Fukushima Japan Best Weeping cherry tree spots

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