Miyagi’s scenery June flower spots, Hydrangea Rose Iris lily

宮城の風景 6月の花の名所 紫陽花 薔薇 アヤメ 百合

Miyagi’s scenery June flower spots, Hydrangea Rose Iris lily

This is a video introducing beautiful flower scenery and tourist attractions that you can see in Miyagi prefecture Tohoku Japan in June before the full-scale summer begins.
From June to July in the Tohoku region, it is the rainy season, but it is also a time to enjoy beautiful flowers such as lilies and roses, mainly hydrangeas and irises.
In this video, I recorded 6 flower spots I recorded in Miyagi prefecture Japan in June.

Minami Kurikoma Kogen Ichihasama Lily Garden(Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture)
Ichihasama Kurikara City is a famous flower spot that was completed under the theme of lilies, because wild lilies and other Liliaceae plants grow naturally.

Ichihasama Sanno Historic Park Ayame Garden (Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture)
Ayame-en is a botanical garden with a size of 13,000 cubic meters, which is located in the corner of Ichihasama Sanno Historic Park, and you can see about 220,000 flowers of about 300 varieties such as irises and Hanashobu.

Yakurai Garden (Kami, Miyagi Prefecture)
You can enjoy the scenery where colorful roses such as red and pink bloom in June at Yakurai Garden where you can enjoy various flowers throughout the season.

Taga Castle Ruins Ayame Garden (Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture)
From mid-June to early July, it is a famous flower spot where 3.5 million irises and Hanashobu of 800 kinds bloom.
Normally, the “light installation”, which lights up the irises when they are in full bloom, is also held, and you can enjoy a fantastic view different from the daytime.

Shifukuji Temple(Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
In June, Jiunzan Shifukuzenji, a temple in Kitayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, will have about 1200 hydrangea flowers planted everywhere in the precinct.
This place is known as a hydrangea temple in Miyagi prefecture and is a popular tourist spot that many tourists visit during this time.

Atagoyama Park Hydrangea Garden (Shikama-town, Kami-gun, Miyagi Prefecture)
There are tens of thousands of hydrangea flowers planted on the west slope of Atago Shrine, and I think there is no other place in Miyagi Prefecture where you can enjoy hydrangea flowers on this scale.

Funaoka Castle Ruins Park(Shibata Town, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture)
Funaoka Castle Ruins Park, which is the only one in Miyagi Prefecture that has been selected as one of the “100 best places to see cherry blossoms”, is known as a famous spot for hydrangea flowers to bloom in June.
From this year, you can see the Hana-chozu that puts hydrangea flowers in the Chozuya in front of the Funaoka Peace Kannon, and it has become an even more enjoyable flower attraction.

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