Adobe Premiere pro Cinematic Film Look Plugin Film convert

Adobe Premiere Pro フィルムルック プラグイン Film convert

Sony Mirror-less SLR camera Sony a7S has seven picture profiles as standard. One of them, S-Log2/S-Gamut gamma, it was possible to shoot in a wide dynamic range of 1,300%, and it became possible to express free images more than usual. However, since this function is a function of editing prerequisite, images with extremely low contrast are output. After shooting, you have to apply color grading with editing software or apply LUT for S-Log 2. One of them is Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, but this time we will use Film convert, a color grading software for Adobe Premiere Pro. Film convert is a plug-in that can emulate the unique look of film and can be easily called on Premiere Pro edit screen. Even people who are not familiar with editing video can handle this easily.
Aside from Sony a7S, there are presets for cameras that are released from each camera maker, so you can easily edit cinema style videos.

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  1. 期間限定運航の全日本空輸ボーイング777が仙台空港から離陸

    ANA BOEING 777-200ER Night Take off from Sendai Airport

  2. 夕焼けが美しい仙台空港から離陸する飛行機 ANA ボーイング767-300

    ANA BOEING 767-300 Take off from Sendai Airport with a beautiful Twilight

  3. 頭上を通過して仙台空港に着陸するエバー航空のエアバスA330-200

    EVA Air Airbus A330-200 B-16310 passes overhead and landing to Sendai Airport

  4. エアドゥの特別塗装機 ベアドゥ・ドリーム号が仙台空港から離陸

    AIR DO BOEING 737-500 JA305K Bear Do Dream Take off from Sendai Airport

  5. ジェイエアのエンブラエル170が仙台空港に着陸

    J-Air Embraer ERJ-170 JA213J Landing to Sendai Airport in Winter

  6. 宮城県仙台市で激しい雷雨 落雷の決定的瞬間

    Thunder and lightning strikes in Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture Japan

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