Adobe Premiere pro Cinematic Film Look Plugin Film convert

Adobe Premiere Pro フィルムルック プラグイン Film convert

Sony Mirror-less SLR camera Sony a7S has seven picture profiles as standard. One of them, S-Log2/S-Gamut gamma, it was possible to shoot in a wide dynamic range of 1,300%, and it became possible to express free images more than usual. However, since this function is a function of editing prerequisite, images with extremely low contrast are output. After shooting, you have to apply color grading with editing software or apply LUT for S-Log 2. One of them is Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, but this time we will use Film convert, a color grading software for Adobe Premiere Pro. Film convert is a plug-in that can emulate the unique look of film and can be easily called on Premiere Pro edit screen. Even people who are not familiar with editing video can handle this easily.
Aside from Sony a7S, there are presets for cameras that are released from each camera maker, so you can easily edit cinema style videos.


  1. 2012年 ザ・フェスティバルinしばた フィナーレ花火大会 | 宮城県柴田町

    The Festival in Shibata 2012 Finale Fireworks Show | Shibata, Miyagi Japan

  2. やくらいガーデンのローズ&ハーブフェア 2013 | 宮城県加美町

    Rose & Harb Fair 2013 in Yakurai Garden | Kami, Miyagi Japan

  3. やくらいファミリースキー場 やくらいSnow Fantasy | 宮城県加美町

    Yakurai Family Ski Resort Yakurai Snow Fantasy | Kami, Miyagi Japan

  4. 3.11東日本大震災から一年が経過した宮城県女川町の景色

    One year after the Great East Japan Earthquake | Onagawa, Miyagi Japan

  5. 日本さくら名所百選 船岡城址公園の桜 | 宮城県柴田町

    Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Funaoka Castle Ruins Park | Shibata, Miyagi Japan

  6. 2018年 第1回 ニューイヤー花火大会 | 宮城県気仙沼市

    1st New Year Fireworks Festival 2018 | Kesennuma, Miyagi Japan

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  1. あしかがフラワーパーク Flower Fantasy 光の花の庭 2022-2023

    Ashikaga Flower Park Christmas Lights | Flower Fantasy 2022-202…



    SUGO FIREWORKS FESTIVAL 2022 / Miyagi Japan


  3. やくらいガーデン ライトアップ 星あかり 2022

    Yakurai Garden Light Up Hoshi-Akari 2022 | Miyagi Japan


  4. 皆既月食と天王星食

    Total lunar eclipse & Eclipse on Uranus | November 8, 2022…


  5. 秋田空港 飛行機の離陸

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